Migraine from HELL

This is the post excerpt.

As of today, July 25, 2017 I’ve had an unbreakable migraine for over 15 months. Over the course of this blog I will share my experiences, my treatment options and my results. My goal is to reach other chronic migraine sufferers and show them they’re not alone in their struggle to find relief.


Reed Procedure Trial Day 3

I’m ecstatic to report the trial neurostimulator for my chronic migraines is working. I’ve had a few programming issues but that’s partly because I didn’t stay in Dallas very long after my surgery and they can’t change the programs unless they can see me. But I was able to speak with a representative for the device and she walked me through how to tweak it to work better. I put it to the test today and it passed with flying colors!!! I get the leads out Tuesday. Then I have to play the waiting game with insurance before I can have the permanent unit implanted. I can hardly wait!!!​

Fireplace Updo

Here’s the before…

Here’s the after…

What a transformation. We did it all in less than a day. 

Here’s what we had to buy at Lowe’s to get the job done. 

Our steps were easy. 

1. We removed everything from the fireplace including the nasty gold accented doors. Use a soft brush and clean all the rocks including sides and bottom. 

2. My hubby took a sandpaper block (low grit) and scuffed up the doors. He then taped off the glass inserts and spray painted everything with a high heat paint. We chose a flat black color. Let them dry for a few hours outside in the sun. 

3. I took our dated looking mantle and used that same sandpaper block and scuffed up all sides of the wood. I then wiped it clean. I then took a good paint brush and began brushing on the stain. I used long back and forth strokes to keep down the drips. I left it on for about 5 minutes then wiped with a clean towel. I only had to do this once to get the look I wanted but brush and wipe as much as you need to get your look. 

4. While all this was drying we rolled on a coat of primer. Of course we took some painters tape and newspaper and taped off the walls right around it. We used a small brush to cut in all the sides then SLOWLY rolled the rock with a good sturdy roller. Confession we left it with just primer and no paint. It looks great and we plan on doing some renovations in that room so elected to paint later. 

5. Remember to stain all the pieces for the mantle! Once everything is dry put it all back in place, stand back and admire your sweat equity. 

Here’s the before & after side by side…

1 Day to Relief!!

We made it to Dallas. ONE DAY to relief!!!
This time tomorrow I will be embarking on a new journey for myself. I’m headed to Dallas today for my Reed Procedure tomorrow afternoon. I’m praying for relief. This migraine has been a real bleep bleep bleep for the past few days. To top it off my occipital nerve on the right side has been hurting worse than usual. This relief can’t come too soon. 

Huge thanks to my Dad for accompanying me on this trip. 

5 Days to Dallas

Ahhhhh…I can almost feel relief coming. It won’t be a day too soon. I was in bed by 6pm last night with an ice pack rolled up in one of my hubby’s shirts then tied tight around my head and the covers pulled over my head. I’m so thankful that in just 5 short days I’ll be having the Reed Procedure done to hopefully control these horrible daily chronic migraines!! Can’t wait to share my success along the way 😊

7 Days to Dallas

In just 7 days I am taking the first of two steps to hopefully get me some relief from my chronic daily migraine. On the 19th I will be having the Reed Procedure performed in Dallas, TX. This process involves using a neurostimulator and a remote operated by me to help manage my migraines. This is an answer to many prayers. I’m going to do my best to share as much as I can. Unfortunately my dear husband cant make this leg of the trip due to his own recent surgery so my sweet Dad has offered to accompany me on this trip. If I were to hand him my phone and ask him to take a picture he would probably want to know where the film goes in LOL! All kidding aside I’m beyond grateful to have my Dad on this trip. 

Days to Dallas…8 Days

As you can see from my awful picture it’s been a rough migraine afternoon. 

My Dad and I fly out to Dallas to have the temporary trial implant done on Thursday the 19th. I’m having the Reed Procedure done where 4 separate leads are temporarily placed under my skin and attached to a portable neurostimulator. I will then have to stay the night in Dallas (at my hotel) then we fly back home on Friday. I will wear the temporary unit until the following Tuesday when my Neurologist will remove the leads. If I have positive results at controlling my horrible daily rollercoaster migraine then we will schedule me to come back for the permanent unit to be implanted. You can find information about this procedure at http://www.reedmigraine.com/. After battling a daily horrible migraine for almost 2 years now I believe this is an answer to my prayers. 

Will I ever be normal again?

This is the question I ask myself almost every day. It’s so frustrating to wake up every day with the same pain in my head. My neurologist tells me I suffer with a chronic daily migraine. I said to him, no duh 😏. Every day is the same question… Not whether or not I will have a headache but how bad will that headache get? One of my saving graces is my amazing husband who doesn’t make me feel guilty for everything I can’t do. He stands right beside me and celebrates the days I can do things. My other saving grace is the procedure I’m scheduled to have done in October of this year. It’s called the Reed Procedure. I have to go through a trial period with the neurostimulator to see if it will reduce my migraines. If it is successful we will move on with the permanent placement of the neurostimulator. I’ve done research on this procedure for over a year. When I first came across it I felt like it was a little too invasive for my taste. But after battling a chronic daily migraine for over 15 months I’m ready to take that leap. There’s a process each potential patient has to go through to ensure they are a good candidate. Thanks to my history of migraines and the multitude of procedures and medications I’ve tried over the past 10 years I flew through the process with flying colors 🤓.